Your multi-stage investment partner from early stage to growth funding


OXO Ventures provides multi-stage funding from EUR 200,000 up to EUR 5 million per projects in the form of equity or convertible note financing. We focus on technology driven projects at early or growth stage that have the potential to change market trends and customer habits.

Our group accelerator OXO Labs and its angel network provides seed funding, acceleration, marketing, media and mentoring services to early stage projects. Our angel funding can amount up to EUR 200,000 per projects, also in the form of equity or convertible note financing.

Managing a network of institutional and angel investors with several hundred members, partly through the online platform OXO Stock, OXO group can further provide direct support for next rounds of funding from Angel through Series A and Series B investments.


OXO Ventures

1025 Budapest,
Szépvölgyi street 6